Financial Disclosure Software

Created by Family Law Professionals for Family Law Professionals
Simplifying the Financial Disclosure process for your clients
and making it easy to share files with other professionals.

Innovation For Industry Leaders

Part of the Ontario Professional Innovation Initiative, Financial Disclosure software is a secured cloud platform designed to assist family law professionals to standardize processes and organize, manage, and complete financial disclosures.

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Grow Your Practice



Connect With More Professionals

Spread the Collaborative message, find and connect to other Professionals. Financial Disclosure simplifies file sharing between you and your Collaborating Team of professionals.


Legal Clerks

Legal Services

Be it working with your clients, exchanging with opposing counsel or offering ILA, Financial Disclosure simplifies collaboration between your clients, your staff and your network of professionals.


Family Mediation
Divorce Coach

Full Service Mediation

Develop your Mediation Model by bringing added value to your clients. Help your clients better prepare, generate financially solid agreements and easily connect to other professionals.


Financial Analysts
Mortgage Brokers
Financial Planners

Be Found By
Other Professionals

Offer your Financial Services directly to the professionals with the clients or connect your clients to Family professionals. Be found according to your profession, your specialty, or your location.

Empowering Professional Collaboration

View The Financial Disclosure Process

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Financial Disclsoure process

For Your Clients:
Simplified Financial Disclosure

Financial Disclosure streamlines the disclosure process into simplified language, intuitive questionnaires, and bite-sized steps, so that your clients can keep on top of what is required of them.

This means financial disclosures completed quicker, with less drama and compiled correctly… the first time. Because it’s that simple.

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For Your Business:
Increased Productivity

Financial Disclosure requires time and effort, not only for the client, but also of the professionals involved.  Automating your financial disclosure process means less client complications, less administrative headaches, reduced liability risks and increased productivity.

Professionals simply link clients to their Financial Disclosure account, generate a digital questionnaire interview, and then review and validate client documents as they are uploaded. One click from you, either approves documents or sends them back to your client.  Client communications are tracked and recorded, and documents are assembled and collated for your case file.

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For Professionals
Simplified Collaboration

Sharing of documents between clients and between, lawyers, mediators and financial professionals has never been easier.  No more couriers, printing reams of paper, or documents being lost in transit. Financial Disclosure’s secured digital “handshake” process allows you to instantly share, with client consent, financial disclosure files with other professionals, anywhere, any time.

Financial Disclosure allows 24/7 access from any browser.

data security

Encrypted servers, triple backup and digital privacy protocols bring new levels of data security to both professionals and their clients.

Risk management

Standardizing processes, incorporating best practices and implementing security protocols is key to a professional Risk Management Policy.


Simplified interfacing and intuitive design allows clients and professionals to work towards completion easily, orderly and in a timely manner.

ReduceD Storage Requirements

Reduce paper and physical storage requirements. Automatically generate legal statements based on information provided in the financial disclosure.

Simplifying Unnecessary Complexity

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a large firm, there is a perfect plan for you.


For Sole


(billed annually)

  • Single User
  • up to 40 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes

Practitioner PluS

For practitioners
plus an assistant.


(billed annually)

  • 2 Users
  • up to 60 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes


For small teams
(3 – 4 staff.)


(billed annually)

  • 3 - 4 Users
  • up to 100 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes


For large teams
(5 – 7 staff.)


(billed annually)

  • 5 - 7 Users
  • up to 200 files annually
  • unlimited Handshakes

Are you a Family Law Professional?

Ready to innovate financial disclosure?

Join the Financial Disclosure Platform and simplify the process for your clients.
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