Financial Disclosure Press Release May 21st

May 21st, 2019 – SIËSDE Dispute Resolution Technologies is excited to announce the formal launch of its digital Financial Disclosure Platform. Created by Family Law Professionals for Family Lawyers, mediators and financial professionals, the Financial Disclosure streamlines, simplifies, and digitizes the disclosure process for clients while making it easy for professionals to collaborate, share, review, and produce financial summaries.

This launch corresponds to the completion of SIËSDE’s six-month Ontario User-Testing program and SIËSDE is greatly encouraged by the recommendations and feedback from the participating family law professionals. These responses have instigated and informed new features that SIËSDE is pleased to introduce today.

Financial Disclosure is based on an annual Collaborative Membership followed by “Pay as you Go” per client usage for disbursable billing and predictable cost allocation to each client. Platform Membership allows Professionals to be searched and found in the Collaborative Professional Search Engine, as well as the ability to send and receive unlimited file “handshakes” to other professionals.

The Financial Disclosure Platform now includes a host of exciting features, including:

  • Improved User design and client experience tools. Client and Professional “Help Cues”, such as explainer videos and directional icons, designed to explain each step of the financial disclosure process and platform
  • Streamlined and intuitive Client Interviews that identify the client’s income, asset, and debt categories
  • An interactive Client Checklist that allows clients and professionals to work together to load, review, and analyze financial disclosure documents
  • An Innovative, digital Negotiation Room, which joins two client files, allowing professionals to visually compare and settle account balances, amend notional tax, and generate joint statements/documents
  • The production of Family Law Court documents and ADR Documents (Financial Statements, Net Family Property Statements, Joint Net Family Property Statements, Summary Statements)

About SIËSDE Dispute Resolution Technologies:

SIËSDE Dispute Resolution Technologies is an interdisciplinary legal tech company, based from the IBM Centre in Toronto, focused on developing dispute resolution technologies, system processes and solution generation specific to family law. SIËSDE’s mandate is to break down very complex and difficult legal processes into smaller and more manageable modules that can be streamlined, simplified and systemized, with the assistance of technology, for the sole purpose of minimizing, if not resolving, human and legal disputes.

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